About Utah Run Events

We want Utah Run Events to help people take their passion for running to the next level—or maybe just a different level. Sure, we want to deliver a reliable calendar of running events in Utah, but we also to help people find the groups and events that fit their personality and approach to running.

Do you think some friendly competition is just what you need to take your running to the next level? Are you primarily interested in parlaying your existing exercise routine into an opportunity to meet people and make new friends? Do you have a soft spot for charities and social causes, and you’re looking for ways to do good for others as you also do good for yourself?

Your favorite Utah Run Event is likely going to be different based on how you answer these questions. Choices will have to be made. There are hundreds of events in the state each year. No matter how much you love running and no matter how good a shape you’re in, you can’t do them all.

More to this point, the state’s geography is a blessing and a curse. The incredible geological diversity makes for an incredible amount of variety. From the Great Salt Lake to Wasatch Front to the Uinta Mountains to the desert, canyons, and arches of southern Utah, you can run against different natural backdrops and never have them grow old. But, again, you likely can’t attend an event in Ogden and one in St. George on the same weekend.

For all these reasons, we wanted to build a Utah-centric website for runners and run events. Tell us about your favorite running event or Utah run experience, and we’ll look to share this information with our audience as we construct this site.


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